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Lock-on grips and Carbon bars

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I just got a new carbon handlebar and remember seeing somewhere that Lock-on style grips are frowned upon with them.
It's a Ritchey bar, and I can't find anything on their website that talks about this.

I'm just wondering what the general consensus here is.

(and no, I won't be using bar-ends with them)
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I have Easton carbon bars with Odi lock-on grips on both my bikes and have had no problems with either!
with how small the screws are on lock-ons, how much torque are you really putting on the bar? I doubt it would be an issue. Just an observation.
I think some lock-on designs are better or worse than others for this. I had some Sunline grips that relied on set screws in the cap that pressed into the plastic core of the grip. The pressure from these screws is very localized to where the set screws are and I actually ended up putting flat spots in my aluminum bar once I got them to stop slipping. ODI grips use a pinch screw in the lock ring that spreads the pressure out much better around the ring.
I use lock-on grips - ODI and Spank, on carbon bars -Gravity, Easton, RaceFace. Don't seem to have any problems. I think I've torque them to 2.5Nm and I've never had to play with them much.
Thanks for the responses. I checked my grips and the screw doesn't go right into the bar,
so I'll use them for now. I usually get new grips once a year, so I'll make sure the next ones have the same locking system.

ODI lock ons on Easton Carbon bar for years and no worries.:)
ODI lock ons on Easton and Race Face carbon bars with no issues.
Easton recommends only using lock on's where the compression slot lines up with the center of the bar.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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