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Loch Raven

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Anyone ride there or live near there? How are the trails?
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Access is limited to the fire roads only so the trails are off limits. The area is patrolled and warnings are given if the DNR police catch you on the singletrack. More info. can be found at or search "Loch Raven" on MTBR
No I've known about that ******** for a while. I just wanted to know if the singletrack was icy.
Even if all the ice/ snow is gone, itll be too muddy to ride. I live in Cockeysville, Im going to check out the trails this weekend, on foot.
I'm not any where near Loch Raven but I'm sure the trails are too muddy to ride. Temps there are like 70. The trails have probably thawed out and are a mess. There's a email floating around about rangers throwing riders off the fire road due ice and mud last week.

Might want to find something else to do this weekend or do what I'm doing.. Staying the hell out of lame a$$ Baltimore!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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