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You're a bit late, but here's some info

Definately checkout They typically have all the info for the local Mountain State Cup/Reigional NORBA races. During the months of June-July there is a short track race every Wednesday night in boulder
Upcoming races are:
Aug 25-29 NORBA Nationals in Durango
September 4-5 Keystone Climax MSC Championships (last one)
September 11-12 or 18-19 Not sure which. 2 day XC stage race in Breckenridge

Good luck and have fun!

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Victor, CO: not exactly local, but not *too* far away

colorado said:
I want to know of some local races in the area. I do XC riding.
There are several end-of-season races coming up, including two 24-hour races, one of which is in SW Colorado (Gunnison) -- still not exactly local, though.

The best end-of-season race I personally know of around here is in Victor, CO, and I highly recommend it (partly because friends of mine put it on).

It's on Sept. 12, a Sunday. The race is all on private land, so is only ridable during the race. The folks in Victor actually let you ride it the day before the race, though, if you wish. You can even bring family and friends on the pre-ride. They have a big party after the race, with free food and beer to the racers. (The T-shirts are pretty cool, too.)

This race is called Race the Big, since it climbs and descends Bull Mountain twice. It's also advertised as the hardest 20-mile race you'll ever do. (;o) Let me know if you want contact info (I have a bunch of fliers, as do most of the LBSs in Boulder now, such as the Sports Garage, my fave LBS.)
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