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Local project launch: GeoCartoMaps

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Hi folks,

I live and ride in WNC and am a GIS/map nerd and just launched a passion project which is starting out as a blog with many more ideas for the future....

Give it a read if you are interested in the geology or geography of our local riding spots. Especially if you like maps.


PS. Here is a profile of new vs. old Black Mountain Trail, find more in the full post!
Rectangle Slope Plot Font Line
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This is AWESOME, thank you so much!
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That’s awesome!

I got the chance to ride that trail a few weeks ago while I was in NC, a lot of fun!
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This is some good stuff. I often find myself staring at the relief to find unusual-looking terrain to explore. Do high-elevation flat areas next, they're awesome!
Hey this is great, thank you for the hard work putting the blog together.

You're our local Randall Carlson!
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