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Previously, I posted my latest Jackaroo map of the western sector of the JDSF forest lands with most, if not all, our biking/hiking trails and supportive secondary road system. These are estimated at 219+ miles.

Since then, we have been working to finalize this map harnessing it with the Avanza Free app loaded to your iOS or Android phone. Avenza is the preferred mapping system used by Cal-Fire/Forestry.
Avenza Maps - Discover Hiking, Recreation, Topographic & Park Maps With Offline Use on iOS and Android

This map app along with my map will show your exact position at any given time anywhere in the 30,000+ acres of the western sector of the JDSF (Barring satellite drift or loss of signal). 98% of all biking/hiking trails are found here. Unlike STRAVA or Garmin, It isn't a tool to create exact tracks later to be saved, but more a geo-reference tool for your exact position on your chosen route within the JDSF. One of the myriads of trails w/ names are found on the map. Sort of the best of both worlds.

The map must be in TIFF formatting (70.8mb) to be uploaded to Avenza. Those who utilize this program, will find it to be invaluable for showing trail or forest positions as the ultimate locator. JDSF has no signage and is very complicated to navigate but, is an area filled with great trails for your biking pleasure. Never get lost, again...!

The map is available for a $50 donation to Mendocino Trail Stewards. Go here for information. I receive no compensation other than knowing that you are safer in these woods.

Disclaimer: Any use of this map by any individual assumes all responsibility for their adventure, be it biking, hiking or other form of play while on these trails. Map author assumes no responsibility for the risks you are undertaking.
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