For 2016, Lizard Skins updated its chainstay protector to be more versatile. They also had some tips on how to install their DSP grips.

Video: Lizard Skins DSP Grips and Neoprene Chainstay Protector Updates

Lizard Skins Sales Account Manager and MAP Enforcer James Purinton gives us install tips on the DSP Grips and explains the updates made to the brands classic chainstay protector.

Lizard Skins popular DSP bar tape gets several bright new colors.

Video: Lizard Skins DSP Bar Tape and Colors

Ryan Huntington, Lizard Skins Sales Manager, talks about some of the features of the DSP bar tape and shows off some great new colors.

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Introduced in 1993, the Neoprene Chainstay Protector was Lizard Skins' first product. The major change for this year is the introduction of a new naming nomenclature, which corresponds to the three different sizes available: small, medium, and large. The length of the protector remains the same regardless of size, to maintain compatibility with the three major wheelsizes.

The DSP grip was launched two years ago and combines the comfort and low weight of a silicone or foam grip with the security of a lock on. It's currently available in two different thicknesses and eight colors.

Lizard Skins DSP, short for DuraSoft Polymer, is super light weight material that has great tactile qualities and comfort. The road bike version is available in three different thicknesses: 1.8mm, 2.5mm, and 3.2mm, allowing riders to tune their grip tape thickness to their hand size or personal preference. Due to popular demand, the grip tape will now be available in purple, as well as several different camo variations.

Also available from Lizard Skins are three different short finger gloves. On the high end is the La Sal 1.0, which is made from premium leather that only gets more comfortable with age. The La Sal 2.0 and 3.0 are more price oriented options that feature reflective highlights and a padded Clarino palm.

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