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Little Emigration Canyon

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Anyone rode Little Emigration Canyon from the East Canyon trailhead to Big Mountain pass last weekend? What's the creek/mud situation like? We hope to hit it en route from SLC to Jeremy Ranch next weekend, but would not like to experience much water/mud.

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...well it's hard not to get wet/muddy on this ride, it crosses the stream probably a dozen times. All the same, it's drier this year than last year at this time. But, as usual, the beavers have been busy and sections of the trail that were dry last year are under water this year, and in other areas the overflow from the beaver ponds has washed out the trail. The lower part by East Canyon river has some mud holes but nothing that you would notice after riding the rest of the trail. Most of the trail tho' is in great shape and a lot of fun. I rode it Friday evening and I went a couple of hours without seeing anyone else.
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