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Crank Flip
1 hander
1 footer
brakeless abu
180 tire tap
feeble grind
pedal grind
hop bar spin
tail whip
moto whip
foot jam whip
nose manual
nose bonk

Its decent but it could be better, Im workin on hop 360s and I need to learn how to fakie for more than a few seconds. My manuals also need to be better

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nose bonk,
tire tap,
nose manual,
manual barspin
crank flip,
one hander
one footer
no footer
x up
one footed nac
ridefakie for a bit
x up abubaca
half hurricanes
no footed stoppie
360 tire taps
180's off decent 2 foot ledges
i think thats it so far i can pull outa my ass every now and then

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hey basikbiker and vinny, can you throw up some vids of your nosemanuals? especially basik because your doing them on a mtb. Are you guys doing like Hang-5 or both feet on the pedals? I wanna see this stuff, it sounds crazy.

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I'm riding both feet on my pedals. I had non drive side pegs and I tried hang 5s, they are actually much easier to do I suggest you give them a try with a peg on the front then both feet on the pedals. I can only get them for about 5 feet with both feet on the pedals but I'm working on it. My bike is fvcked now but when my bday comes (july 9) I'll get a vid up ASAP.

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Well i have different places i'll tell you everything i can do street, park and dirt jumps.

Bunnyhop like 4 inches ( up curbs )
Manual ( 10-15 feet )
Wheelie ( As far as i want to go )
Manual to X-up.
90 degree's bunnyhop

Go over a trashcan side ways out of the bowl.
half way table top sometimes out of the bowl.
No footer out of the bowl.
Almost no hander, it looks really bad though
If x-ups are not all the way around like 90 degree's then x-up.

Dirt Jumps.
Go over a 4 ft dirt jump with like 5 ft gap..yay..
Little whips
Little Table's...

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just an idea but,,, someone seriously has to make a thread with all the tricks and a link to a video of it. like for example what is a turndown (i don't know what it is ) i don't know any of these tricks.

o and my trick is bunnyhoping like 6-8 inches

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Thsi one's for you svyatko, this is a very clicked turndown:

As far as tricks go:
180 on anything but flat, but I'm working on it
180 tail tap
Working on footjam tailwhips
small nose manuals
manual as long as I want(going 30-35mph down a steep road is very fun)
x-up once in a blue moon
I,m good at attempting turndowns and failing
whips, working on opposites
Bunny hop's are right around 30''
bunny hop to manual
manual to hop
manual to hop to manual

I think that's it

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thanks for the pic snaky69, but it would be cool if someone made a thread that had all (or atleast most of the tricks) and a pic or a link to a video for it. it would help alot of people... just an idea:thumbsup:

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I just started riding Park/Urban/DJ in April 2007 and I think I'm getting good pretty fast. I only just turned 15.

-One Footer
-No Footer
-Bunnyhop (Near 1ft)
-Table Top
-Manual (I can clock a 10+ footer every once in a while)
-Nose Manual (I get the back up pretty high but they dont hold for more than 5 feet)
-Tail Taps
-Pogo (I can get 5 on a good day)
-Fakie (I can get an OK distance)

I am currently working on getting my manuals better and trying to get my hands off.
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