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Soo...I'm converting my old dynatech(full rigid 90's era I think) into a SS. Frames 4130 cromo so I'm not too worried, its just for commuting and edmonton trails anyways. So on with the list(wheelset not currently decided)

Brand X quill adapter
Shimano Deore double chainset
Sram PC1 ss chain
Funn Fatboy B bars 710mm 31.8mm
Brand-X CNC Db 50mm stem
LS Peaty Lock-ons
Brand-x outer ring chain bolts
DMR SS kit 16t
Thomson Elite post(Original one is bent to sh*t, just need to get the size)
Spesh seat.

That's my list so far. The v-brakes were replaced with deore's in the spring and I'm just using the wheelset off my other bike which is going under a full rebuild with new parts(dynatech first though)

Can't wait till this bike is done and ready. Should be a fun SS trail bike. =)

I'm not concerned with weight at all because I'm not ready to drop that much cash into a budget SS. The brand-x stem will be replaced with a Thomson or Hope at somepoint
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