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List of GPS websites with files for downloading?

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Hey Folks,

I used to have a web page that I downloaded files from in the past to my Garmin so I could follow a trail but it has been a while and cannot remember the name of the website.

Any recommendations for websites with peoples rides uploaded and available for download?

Thanks for help!!
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Several are mentioned here: Mapping Rides

There are others, too.
So this is what you do at work, huh? :D

Motionbased still works, but searchers are a PITA
Garmin Connect, of course, most of Motionbased has migrated over
MTB Guru

What area you looking to find routes?

You know that advise / help thing goes both ways, right? You are into my area of expertise now.
jkmacman said:
i like every trail and now geocaching .com
Geocaching does not have breadcrumb trails.

Yor post is totally irrelevant to the question.
Please go away. Thank you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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