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I'm picking up AOK's thread trying to compile a list of 29er fork offsets. I will also add the weight range of the forks if i can get the information.

(Edit - added input from below, a-c lengths and weight)

Manitou Minute 29 TA 120mm travel: 48mm offset, 530mm a-c
Manitou Minute 29 QR 120mm travel: 48mm offset, 530mm a-c
Some Manitou Minute 29 OE forks may have 41mm

pre 08 Reba 80mm travel: 38mm offset, 489 mm a-c
pre 08 Reba 100mm travel: 38mm offset, 509 mm a-c
pre 08 Reba (Fisher G2): 51mm offset
09 Reba's 46mm offset

Maverick DUC32 29er 115 mm travel: 47.3 mm offset, 517 mm a-c; weight 1780g
Maverick SC32 29er 94mm travel: 39.7 mm offset, 494 mm a-c; weight 1720g

Fox F29 80mm travel: 44 mm offset, 481 mm a-c
Fox F29 100mm travel: 44 mm offset, 501 mm a-c
Fox F29 (Fisher G2) = 51 mm offset

WB F135 135mm travel: 43 mm offset, 535 a-c, weight 1950g
WB IMV 100mm travel: 44mm offset, 500mm a-c; 20mm axle version has 42mm offset
WB IMV 80mm travel: 44mm offset, 480 mm a-c; 20mm axle version has 42mm offset

Lefty max: 45mm offset

RST M29: 44 mm offset

Pace RC29 100mm travel: 40mm offset, 510 a-c

Marzocchi 29er: 43mm offset.

here you can choose your offset for a rigid fork ...

Any others that are missing?

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Great thread... much needed. Thanks.

One more to add: Manitou Drake?

Also, any suggestions for identifying the OE Manitou forks when looking online? Different graphics? Color?

Thanks again... I imagine this will be a highly useful thread for many.


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Might as well do common (non-custom) rigid forks as well:

White Brothers Rock Solid 465mm/42mm (same as Origin8?) (website for A-C, interwebs for rake)
Niner 490/40 (website)
Vassago ODIS 467/45 (website)
Surly KM 468/43 (website)
Surly Pugsley 447/43 (website)
Salsa 468/43 (website)

And for the sake of being pedantic:
~445 is "non-suspension corrected"
~465 is "80mm suspension corrected"
~490 is "100mm suspension corrected"

Now 1) when is this going to be made sticky and 2) who's going to write the "basics of fork geometry" FAQ to answer all of the "what happens when I use a G2/non-G2/100mm fork on my non-G2/G2/80mm frame" questions? GT?

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More Manitou

Manitou Minute 29 TA 100mm travel: 48mm offset, 510mm a-c
Manitou Minute 29 QR 100mm travel: 48mm offset, 510mm a-c

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I have been looking at various fork options for a custom frame that is specd for a 475 axle-to-crown rigid fork. Here is what I have found so far considering "off-the-shelf" forks.

* On-One rigid carbon fiber 29er fork has a 470mm axle to crown and a 47mm offset.
* Zion rigid 29er fork (no longer available) weighs 2.55 lbs (1,156 grams) and has axle-to-crown measurement of 475mm. Not sure about the offset though?

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Bumping to see if I can get current info on available G2 80mm forks.

edit...sux that we can't search for "G2"
Trek hasn't been using 80mm travel G2 forks lately, so data here remains current- 51mm offset. FoxG2 and '08 RebaG2.

Everything now is 100mm or longer in G2,(Except the Fox on the Superfly SS frameset), but internally convertible to 80mm on the Rock Shox models.
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