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People are always curious about how much stuff weighs. So here you go:

Light Bicycle 27.5" 30mm wide rims
12k glossy weave
Chris King Classic hubs
Sapim Race spokes
Sapim Brass nipples

Built by Cyclemonkey.

1522 grams.

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LB 650B hookless 27mm 32h. Claimed 330g +-15g, actual 345g:thumbsup:
Extralite Hyperfront/Hyperrear2
Sapim CX-Ray
Sapim brass nipples 14mm
Sapim HM washers

Wow! Those 8 spokes and brass nipples are heavy.
My wheelset is very similar to yours,
Light-bycicle 27.5 rims 360-361 gr 28 h front & rear
Extralite Hyper hubs
CX-Ray spokes
Alloy nipples 12 mm
1256 gr including 4 gr of blingy valve caps


1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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