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A good buddy of mine has a 2004 Liquid 30 and loves that thing like crazy! He has been pretty aggresive with it, tacoing wheels, busting spokes, breaking deraileurs, breaking shifters, etc., and the frame has held up like a champ. If the frame cracks, I would have to imagine that Trek would fix/replace it under warranty...provided you tell the right story ;)

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Fuels and Liquids Break

I don't have a Liquid but my Fuel broke on me and it seems to be in the same place as the Liquid. See the picture in my photo gallery.

Also see this thread about Fuel and Liquid breaking for Clydes.

AZClydsdale's post is worth repeating here:
AZClydesdale said:
No, but I have owned (and executed) the following Treks:

(4) 2002 Fuel 90's,
(1) 2002 Fuel 98, and
(2) 2004 Liquid 30.

Most of the frames lasted 1-3 months, but Liquids last considerably longer @ 5-7 mnths.


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