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Lipstick on a pig (hub or freewheel)?

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I have a bike with a powertools rear single speed hub.

I am wondering what people's opinions are about upgrading the rear drivetrain.

I will likely get an ENO freewheel sooner or later, so here is the question.

Is putting an Eno freewheel on a powertools hub like putting lipstick on a pig?

Should I upgrade the wheel first?

I have looked around a different rear hubs, and the Surly seems to be the most in-line with my budget. Is it worth stretching a bit for a Paul's hub? Is the Van Dessel or On-One hub a good alternative? Any others I am not thinking of?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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If the rear hub is not giving you any problems, then I think an ENO freewheel is a good, functional upgrade, especially since you live in the Northeast. The better seals should reduce your muck-related failures.
get the ENO now.
it doesn't know the difference between hubs (as long as the threads are good).
when it's time to upgrade your rear hub, you will already have a great freewheel. just make sure to get a new chain and possibly new chainring when you mount up your new ENO.
install. ride. enjoy. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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