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Linseed vs. R&R nipple cream

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opinions on boiled linseed vs. Rock N Roll Nipple Cream? I've used the R&R a few times w/ no problems. My LBS likes linseed oil but I have had problems w/ spokes loosening w/ Linseed. Is it user error or the product?
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I don't know about Linseed, but if spokes are loosening up, I attribute it to user error / bad wheel build.

I used anti seize and grease on eyelets and my wheels are the same tension and true since I built them 18 months ago. If the wheel is properly and even tensioned, the spokes won't loosen.
What Bubba said. Good wheelbuilds don't need no glue.

I use anti-seize (a purpose-made thread lube) too and isn't it the un-threadlocker? But I never have unscrewing nipples. Proper tension (sufficient tension, equalized and windup-relieved) holds wheels together.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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