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Line Elite dropper question

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I recently picked up a nearly-new used Fuel EX 9.8 GX - stoked! However, I'm having some issues with the dropper not returning to full height. My first instinct was to add air to the dropper cartridge... but it doesn't look like that's how this post works.

What's the deal? Can you add air to the cartridge? The manual seems to indicate that you'd just replace the cartridge in this situation?
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Try loosening the post clamp all the way and see if it works. A lot of them are over torqued
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It may also just need a service. Open it up, clean it out, add some slickoleum and that might solve the issue
As leusky2u mentioned, check your seatpost clamp torque first. If it is too tight, it can bind your dropper. Otherwise, the cartridge and bushings are replaceable!
Thanks all - I did check the seatclamp torque and the post is working well in the stand, haven't had a chance to get out and ride it yet this week.

So I take it that the cartridge is "fixed" and you can't add pressure, just replace if there's an issue?
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