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I bought my first mountain bike last week, a lightly-used '03 Iron Horse Warrior Comp. I really like the way the shifters work, but I couldn't get the front to shift onto the big cog. I dropped it off at the LBS for a tune-up and the day after I picked it up I took it for a test-ride. On the way to the park it shifted onto the large cog just fine, then I stayed in the middle cog for 45 mins. playing on the trail. On the ride back I couldn't get it to go onto the large cog again! I took it back to the LBS and they re-adjusted the derailleur to function once again, and I while doing this I overheard them saying what a cheap piece of equipment it is.

So... I cam here and checked out the reviews on the Deore system. The shifters got good reviews and I have had no problems with mine. The derailleurs got very poor reviews and the "Weaknesses" section points out the problems I have been having with mine.

I'd like to upgrade them to something reliable that won't require constant adjustment. Will the XTRs hold up well (they seem to be popular on here) or should I be looking for another manufacturer (SRAM? x7, x9, x0?). I want to be able to keep the Deore shifters with whatever derailleur I use, as I don't have the money to replace everything all at once.

BTW: I don't believe I made it clear, but I intend to replace both derailleurs, the front one first as it causes the most head-ache. Then the rear as it is no performer either, skipping and ghost-shifting and being annoying (however, still functional...)
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