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Lightweight frame?

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At present I run my SS off of a Supergo Aluminum frame with vert dropouts. Light and stable. The gearing I run happens to fit the chain perfectly, and I do not have to have any tensioners. Great setup... BUT: I want to change the gearing, which will result in my having to use a tensioner, which I hate. I would actually buy a new SS specific frame if it came to that. All the 'low end' stuff: Surly, heavy steel. The beauty of SS, to me, is the weight/ simplicity. Any 'inexpensive' lightweight SS frames out there?
Can vert dropouts be welded/ adapted to my current aluminum frame?
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Coupla few options for you.
The White Industries Eccentric wheel will fit the bill. Reasonable weight w/o the hassles of a spring loaded tensioner.

or you could get a new frameset...i know of a fab alloy 29er...

or you could get alloy sliders added to the mix, if you know a good welder Sliders
Welding sliding drops to a Supergo frame seems. . .well. . .I personally wouldn't bother.

The Eno Hub is probably the lightest option. I wouldn't be surprised if it were lighter than the hub currently on the bike (unless you are using a non eccetric ENO). 224g.

To me, part of the beauty of singlespeeds is that you don't have to weenie out on the frame to have a very light bike.
You can change gearing, just keep the total # of teeth the same.
32x18 ---> 33x17 or 30x20. This setup, anything totalling 50t will work.
Small chance that it will do what you need, but a chance nonetheless.

In the end, an ENO hub might be easiest.
You ride an alloy frame already, so why not one of these?


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What is your current gearing and what do you want to change it to?
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