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So I'm retiring my carbon gt sts and have a beautiful new X-5 in the mail slated to arrive tomorrow and I'm shopping components.

I rode motorcross for years and did all my own wrenching, but this will be my first build so I'm new to this stuff but have been doing a lot of research.

It looks like the Isis systems aren't dialed in yet -I see lots of comments on bearing failures. Yet the spline system and weight of some of the Ti BB's are attractive.

Or: Phil Wood square taper Ti @ 113mm and some Next LP cranks square taper If I can find them? Other BB manufacturer suggestions?

Any other lightweight/durable suggestions appreciated. Oh, I weigh 150 and my drops are 3' max.


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Shimano Octalink splines work fine. Go with a crank compatible with the old V1 Octalink (XTR/DA/Ultegra/105 version) and track down an BB-M950 XTR BB (about 182g) and you can do light and strong. I'm doing that on my only splined bike, with some Adventure Components LoPro cranks (A.C., Coda, and several other brands have used the Octalink V1 splines for cranks) which weighed about 435g including a 58/110 5-bolt spider. The XTR self-extracting crank bolts added another 30g of weight.

My M950 BB is like 8 years old and the bearings are still smooth. It has ball bearings and roller bearings (providing plenty of support to the oversized hollow CrMo spindle), double adjustable Al cups, is compatible with 68 or 73mm shells, and is totally user-serviceable just like old style (pre-shimano cartridge) BBs were. Shimano did that XTR BB design for one model year only (1996) and then replaced it with cartridge version that isn't serviceable and presumably wouldn't last nearly forever so they could sell replacements.

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schussfahrt said:
Thanks! Anyone else?
How about the new Raceface Outboard bearing cranks? Raceface Deus will do you quite nicely, Light as hell, stiff as hell and said to be durable. I will be getting some soon.
And if you were to wear out the bearings then you can buy replacements for like 30bucks.
Worth it if you ask me....
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