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Lights of choice

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What brand of lights do people use when racing 24 hour racing and why? Right now I use
BLT Gamma Rays, but I bought a trigon over sized carbon bar not realizing my bar light clamps won't fit and BLT doesn't make an 31mm clamp. Any suggestion on how to slove this problem or any feed back on a good inexpensive light system with good burn time
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just got mine....they are tiny and light and bright....many options...Talk with rob at customer service
Light & Motion and Niterider

The two most popular are the Light & Motion and Niterider Hid systems. They were a couple of the first with HID and at many of the bigger 24 hour races they offer factory support. They charge batteries and may rent batteries, plus if your light fails or you need sometime of fix they can probably do it-even at 3am. I dont have a Light & Motion but I would lean towards their lights, I havent hear many complaints and they seem to work pretty well.

A cheap decent light system with long burn times is a tough one. Starting at about $230 the Trail Tech HID seem pretty decent. Below that with a little less light but really long burn is the Cateye Triple HID at about $208 on Ebay. Below that are some 20 W Halogens similar to what you already have in the $150-$200 Range. Then you drop to about $90 for a 10w Halogen-very marginal for racing-even with two 10 w's.
L&M and 31.8mm solution

I use Light and Motion Arc Li-Ions, they have never failed me, are bright and versatile. I only ever use them as a helmet mounted sytem for MTB but mount to my bars for any road riding (otherwise your neck position takes a beating). HID rae great for road riding too because they are so bright that cars think you are a motorbike!!!

As for the mounting solution, try and get you hands on a computer mount (the kind of mount triathletes use to mount a computer to their bars if they have odd shaped aero bars or very little room). Hope that makes sense to you, if not just ask your LBS, they should know what i'm talking about.

Tiess said:
What brand of lights do people use when racing 24 hour racing and why?
I am running the Cateye Double and Triple Shot. Mostly, I just run the Double Shot, since it puts out enough light to race on. Why do I use these lights? Cause I am Cateye's lab rat :winker:

Been really happy with my NiteRider Flight - bright, battery pack size of a deck of cards, lightweight system.

The bar clamp accomodates any size bar (checked it on my own 31.8 this morning).

I've been using Light & Motion's ARCs for 3 years now becuase I can afford the lights and spare batteries needed to race solo, they are durable, customer service has been exceptional, they do a great job of lighting the trail and a pair of them kills the shadows.

Eddie O
Been Using Lupines Edison for 3 yrs and never needed track side support it. Burns for 9hrs too which is ideal for a summer 24hr event

My backup is a Nightlightning Endurenz which i can run on the helmet and it works brilliantly even as a single light.
I've not found a better combination yet.
rjpstoked said:

just got mine....they are tiny and light and bright....many options...Talk with rob at customer service
Which combination of their lights did you get? I was thinking about a DiNotte 3W on the helmet and two 3Ws on the bars using their Lithium Ion batteries. It seems like a very light and clean setup.
i am testing a light & Motion ARC Ultra and a Night rider flight. But i think i am going to go back to my Turbo Cats ( S15 on the bar and S15 on the helmet). There is just something about their simplicity and quality.
Like Brad, I've been using the Lupine Edison. It blows the other HID lights out in terms of brigtness, but mostly in terms of battery size. But then again, it better for what it costs. Several people I know like their Jet lights.
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