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Mach said:
i just bought a crappy mongoose xr 200.....and found this forum....i'm looking for the best bike i can buy full susp for $800-900 online
light costs money. I saw a 2003 KHS XC 704R 26.5lbs listed for $999 at I don't know how true the listed weight is but not bad XC bike with 3.5" back and 3" front travel. More travel cost more $$$ and weight. Still lighter than gary fisher hardtails that go for $550 at the bike shop. My first real MTB was a Klein Attitude hardtail that cost $1250 and weighted the same.

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Don't worry to much about the weight. Do the following first:

1) Figure out what you are going to be riding. Cross Country, Freeride, Downhill, Pavement Etc.

2) Identify the bikes that meet your riding style and weight.

3) Ride the bikes that fit your budget and picke the one that fits best.

If you are only riding cross country, you might consider a hardtail.
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