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Lightest and Stiffest Square Taper BB? X-Post

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I am also posting this hear as I am putting a Ritchey 2x9 on a Fisher hardtail. I am going back to a Square Taper Crankset and would like to know what anyone recommends for the Lightest and Stiffest Square Taper BB? Thanks.
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The lightest would (I think) be the Phil ti. I haven't noticed any power drain on my current Sugino/Phil combo versus the RF X type setup I had last year. Seems to me this is hype, and that the frame is the more relevant x-factor.
Action Tec Ti BB

Cheap, light and rebuildable...
If you really want stiff: get a BB with a steel spindle. Phil Wood makes one with a lightweight shell, then get the alloy (AL) mounting cups and your set.

Shimano UN-73

Its cheap $20-30, it lasts forevever, its tough. I have 4+ years on mine still running stong and smooth. Only problem is no adjustable will need to know the exact size and shell you need.
vortrex said:
the other problem being it's heavy...
At ~250g, maybe the Shimano is a bit pudgy. However, a lightweight Phil Wood Ti spindle BB will weight about 150g and cost about $250! Sure there are cheaper lightweight BB out there, but will they last like the Phil or the Shimano will? Bang for the $, Shimano. Got money in your pocket to burn, Phil Wood.

I didn't know AC made a square taper. I will look in to this.
vortrex said:
the AC Ti would be one of the lightest.
i'd go with a un-90 if you can still find one
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