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Hi weightweenies!

I recently built a GT Zaskar bike most for nostalgic reasons but didn´t want it be overweight or overbuilt in any way.
I have a GT STS already for freeride duty.

Here´s the specs, remember, my budget is somewhat limited and tell me if my approximations are wrong.

GT Zaskar frame 18 inch -95 1900 gr
Judy SL -98 1500 gr (in search for a SID at a reasonable price)
Tioga ACC 85 gr
Syntace F99 120mm 103 gr
Bontrager Titec enduro flat bar 141 gr (in search for titec ti 118gr nostalgic item)
Avid SD mag levers 176 gr
XTR 952 RF 270 gr (removed the indicators)
Roadie bar tape 20 gr
USE ti old school seat post (nostalgic item)
Flite with carbon rails 180 gr
Deore LX frnt der. 150 gr
Hope ti 68x109 BB 160 gr (made new center tube in plastic 1/2 the weight and widened to 73mm)
RooX XC cranks 430 gr (nostalgic item)
TA Specialites 30-44 rings 120 gr (running 2x9 setup)
Old shimano 535 SPD, due to change to 959. 350+ gr
CN-7700 chain 330 gr
XTR 960 rear der. 210 gr (will search for carbon tuning)
Tuned ProMax V brakes 300 gr/pair, due for change to something else.
Conti Twister 1.9 front tire 450 gr ( will change to Ritchey Z-Min)
Tubes is old Panaracer greenlites 210 gr for two.
Campagnolo Atek 32h black front rim 395 gr (laying in the attic for years)
DT comp spokes and alu nipples should weigh in 200 gr?
AC black front hub 100 gr
IRC Geoclaw lite 1.9 rear tire 440 gr (old tire I had laying around, changes to Z-Min)
Sun 0 rear rim 430 gr
DT comp spokes and nipples 200 gr
XTR 950 rear hub 311 gr
Dura-Ace 9 sp cassette for 178 gr

Some bits and bolts in alu or ti.

Hope you like the build.

A pic on a unfinished bike:

Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle fork

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I will spend approx $1000 to my bike, it´s difficult to go to a LBS and feel the quality of things before buying.

I will spend some $ on Maxxlite 310 to commuting and better rims for XC riding along with new hubs, probably Soul Kozak rear and AC micro 58 front with DT rev spokes?
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