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Light rotor on Ebay

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Has anyone had any first hand experience with these light rotors from Ebay? They seem pretty light at 56 grams for a 160mm rotor.
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Looks like a disposable rotor. Stans quit making AL rotors because they didn't last. I'm sure you will need to use soft organic pads.

As for the "space age" type of Al - well 7075 T6 is one of the most common alloys made in aluminum. The US space program uses far more exotic alloys I would assume.

If they were $20 like the Alligators I would give them a try - but not for $120.
Yeah those are uuuuuuuuuugly! The price is for x2 rotors though.....
I saw some full titanium rotors on ebay too for about 90 bucks each
when did Stans stop making AL rotors, was it last Tuesday?
off the ad....."These are used for cross country ridings only. They will create high squeaky noise when used for steep hill ridings."

Kinda puts them into perspective
scooter916 said:
when did Stans stop making AL rotors, was it last Tuesday?
Some time ago. I think they stopped doing the re-coating in october.
I tried these on my commute bike. They squeak horrendously when new cause the coloured coating is NOT a good braking surface.

The coating was coming off slowly with use so I decided to speed up the process and sanded it off they worked better and squeaked less.

But far from perfect (noisy and sub par braking compared to steel rotors) and I ditched them. I would not try them on my XC bikes. Give me Hope floaters anyday.

To be honest I don't see the point off the coloured coating since it comes off anyway and makes the braking performance terrible.

The weight is accurate FWIW!
If you want weak, light brakes use Vbrakes. The point of discs is better feeling stopping power.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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