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I have a slew of questions here. I`m looking into xm317 or DT X450 (very little info on these). First, they both look very similar to me- are they? I can`t find a width for the X450s would they probably be a little narrower than the Mavics? Since they`re a little heavier than XC717s or 4.1s, are they actualy stronger? Are there other rims in the same range that I should be considering- maybe Aeroheats?
I weigh about 140-145 all decked out and ride an aluminum HT, aggressive XC. No drops over a foot, 18 inches max. The biggest problem they`ll see is hitting rocks at when I screw up- plenty of rocks on my favorite trails. I want wheels that`s take that occasional hit and last a long time without being too awful heavy. They`ll most likely go on 340S hubs and I`d like to keep the build under $500. Am I dreaming or is this feasible?
EDIT: If it matters, I run Panaracer Fire2.1 F and R probably 95% of the time and occasionally swap for IRC Trailbears or 26X1 1/4 "townie" tires. I prefer that the new wheels be compatible with all those tires, but all I really need to run are the Panaracers.
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