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Light Kevlar saddle?

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Anyone know of an all Kevlar saddle that is sub 240 grams?
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Why all Kevlar?
Kevlar is sensitive to UV light, as far as I know.
Not good if your're not sitting on your saddle all day. ;)

The Tune Concorde for MTB has lots of ugly Kevlar fibre.
I sent mine back. Can't use a yellow saddle:

(61g by the way)
I would recommend the Tune Concord. The underside is not that ugly - it is it's nature. For me it was/is very comfortable. Problem is it is super expensive around 300 usd. I saw that increased kevlar version (above) just a few weeks ago for the first time on the internet - fancy seeing it here.
Token makes one using the Selle Success name, available in red or black. I tried one - while it didn't fit my Flite-butt I DID find it to be flexible and forgiving. Weight was 178 grams. You can find them on E-Bay for under $70 US$.
Roger G said:
Why all Kevlar?
I was thinking that it would stand up to the abuse of FRing. Leather seams seem to wear faster with or without crashing.
Yeah, I know the next question is why light if its FR.:thumbsup:
light freerider

vibiker said:
Yeah, I know the next question is why light if its FR.
No, that's quite obvious, I think.

You should definitely stay away from the Concorde, though.
It's just not made for FR.
I don't know if it's a good idea to go for a CF saddle when you FR,but i can advise you the Tune Speedneedle Marathon as a good example.(109g btw)
I've got a WTB Pure V with Ti rails, it's intended for freeride, and it weighs around 240g. Real cushy, but you can pedal with it, and it holds up ok. Leather top with kevlar sides. Check it out - the new version has a slightly different name.

BTW - he means something with a kevlar FABRIC COVER, not something that has a hard carbon/kevlar shell......
yeah guys, i also believe he wants a Kevlar COVERED cushioned saddle. If i remember correctly, there was a Flite Kevlar out a couple of years ago. COme in red and black. But beware, those kevlar saddles will do no good to your lycras - a friend of mine had a Tune Speedneedle saddle with the kevlar cover and went through his pair of Assos incredibly fast :eek:
Find an older SDG, all the various models were avail in the full kevlar cover. I have an old Kevlar Bel-Air on my DH bike and also on my XC bike now. I rode kevelar covered saddles from SDG and Serfa's for years for XC use, and after using an SLR for a few months on my XC race bike I remeber why. Leather gets sticky when you add humidity, and when you are wearing cycling shorts it is very hard to adjust your position on the saddle, The coefficent of friction does not change very much with Kevlar in wet v. dry, so you get consistently good grip. The added durability is just a side benefit for me.
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