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prolevel said:
What is out there these days Strong but light need 108 -109 (68 shell) doing a 2 x 9 setup
I have a AC @ 143 G anything lighter? Thanks
i used a KCNC scandium road BB in my Scale during summer. no problems at all
! but there's 2 versions - the very light 127g BB with M15 bolts and the somewhat heavier scandium BB with M14 bolts and therefore meatier axle. that's what i used and it worked great. i wouldn't use the light one. the axle is just too thin.

next in line would be the Atik which weighs 152g.

KCNC 68-108: 139g
Atik Titanium (ceramic hybrid bearings): 152g


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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