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Light Boost Gravel/BikePacking Wheelsets

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Want a high quality, light boost spacing wheelset with non-MTB wide rims for running 45C, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.35, 2.4 tires on a gravel or bike packing rig? I did too... Over the last few weeks I have been looking at options for a boost spacing (110x15 Front, 12x148 Rear) lightweight wheelset to run on my Salsa Cutthroat GRX 600 for long distance gravel races and bike packing races. The stock wheels on the cutthroat are very heavy and made the bike feel way more sluggish than I could handle so the quest started. The parameters I needed... (Aside from the need to have boost spacing on a gravel rim) Somewhere less than 1600g for a complete wheelset, strong, 25mm interior width, wouldn't totally break the bank (less than 1500 total) and would suit both unloaded racing and loaded bike pack racing.

After looking all over the internet, I ordered a set of we are one Revive rims (25mm internal) in 28 hole 29er size that I'll be lacing to some Boost DT Swiss 240 hubs with Sapim CX ray and double square head nipples. The rims are hand made in Canada, 345g/rim and from all I hear are high quality. DT 240s are my favorite hubs hands down. Light, durable, serviceable and quick enough engagement for me with the 54t star ratchet.

I will report back when I get them mounted and out for a few rides but the below options were all on the table for one reason or another. Hopefully this helps others looking for boost spacing, lightweight do it all wheels that won't totally break the bank.

My buying guide below :)
What I chose to do: If you want to build your own wheels to save some money or if you want to have someone build it for you and can spend a bit more money than the rest of the options on this list...
We Are One Composites - Revive Rim - 25mm int - weight 345g - 19mm deep
Rim Only
Wheelset prebuilt
  • 28H 29er rims + 240 Boost Hubs = 1045g ($384/rim with 15% discount)
  • Sapim CX Ray (56 * 4.5g) = 252g spokes
  • Sapim Alum Polyax (56 * .4g) = 22.4g nipples
  • Tubeless tape + Valve = ~40g
~1350g Total for the wheelset
about $1200 with 15% discount on rims through We Are One and 20% discount on hubs through my LBS. Would be around $1600 with a custom builder.
If you are on a tighter budget (not by much vs. the We are One!) and want a lightweight wheelset more geared for racing/gravel than bike packing...

Light Bicycle - Falcon Pro - 25mm int - weight 450g (available in much deeper profiles (30-50mm) so aero is a benefit of the LB)
Road bicycle rims 28mm wide 40mm deep clincher for cyclocross and gravel bikes

~$250/rim or about $1000-1500 for a wheelset depending on hubs and options. About ~1560g with 240 hubs
If you don't want to build your wheels, want an alloy rim that is almost as light as a carbon rim, at about half the cost, and don't mind the Hunt's own brand hub... you cannot go wrong with these:
Hunt Wheels - Race XC Wide MTB Wheelset - 1542g - $645/wheelset
HUNT Race XC Wide MTB Wheelset
If you want another option for slimmer profile (23 internal vs 25 on the We Are One or LB rims above) carbon rims to build up...
WTB CZR i23 Carbon Rims - $569/rim - 345g/rim (28 hole)
CZR i23
One more option for a lightweight alloy rim that will not break the bank but also let you build it up custom around your hub of choice...
HED Belgium G Alloy - ~$187/rim - 450g/rim (28 hole)
Belgium G (650b & 700c) - HED Cycling

Hopefully this helps someone out there not have to dig as long as I did! Happy trails :)
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