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Background Information:

Light and Go is a company based in Korea known as Wonderbike and they get their light sets manufactured in China by Magicshine. They are looking for US distributors at the time this review was published so all sales and service is handled directly from Korea.

Their lights have very similar build and packaging to the original Magicshine MJ-808 light. But the light heads are different and the four light heads reviewed here look like new designs. Wonderbike owns all the molds for these light heads and thus these should be exlusive to Light and Go.

They are aware of all the battery and charger problems Magicshine has encountered and they explained to us that they have taken steps to resolve them. They've gone with better parts and gone through many rounds of testing on the batteries, chargers, wires, etc.

The lights reviewed here are:

Light and Go Firefly - $80 - 400 lumen claimed

Light and Go Owlet - $90 - 700 lumen

Light and Go Fireball - $130 - 1100 lumen

Light and Go Foride - $150 - 1400 lumen

Manufacturer Specs:
  • custom made reflectors with efficient & beautiful facet patterns. Diamond + pentagon
    narrow beam pattern
  • Full CNC machined and hard anodized aluminum light housing
  • A quick release mount provides you a solid and convenient mounting your light
  • Optimized driver board for efficient heat-sink & current regulation
  • warm color temperature maximizes your night sight
  • 7.4V 4.4A Protected Li-Ion battery pack & more than 180 minutes of burning in boost mode
  • 3.5 hours of fast charging. Automatically switch off when batteries are fully charged.
  • Under Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection and over temperature protection
  • 5 step fuel gauge warning you that the battery is getting low as time goes by.
    green 100~65%, blue 65~10%, amber 10~2% and Red and flashing red 1%(2mins).
    Please be aware! Led indicators might not show you the exact amount of power remaining.

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.

Light Meter Measurements:

This light measured 30 lux on our ambient light measurement facility. This seems really low for a light of these components. The Magicshine MJ-808 measured 37 lux and the Lupine Tesla came in at 54 lux.

  • center mounted handlebar mount
  • helmet mount is included
  • beam pattern is clean and defined with a center spot and big halo
  • light head has good cooling and light head stays cool
  • output is quite weak at 30 lux
  • no flash mode
  • having to scroll through off position every time you change light levels is a annoying
  • cannot aim left to right
  • design is dated and not innovative compared to the older Lupine Tesla and Magishine MJ-808
  • switch cover comes off easy and is always illuminated when battery is connected
Bottom Line:

This is a strange one. It's a copy of the Magicshine MJ-808 and the Lupine Tesla but it doesn't really innovate beyond them. The light level is low too as we measured 30 lux on our meter. It would start out at 34 lux but drop to 30 lux very quickly even as the light head was still cool.

The beam pattern is quite nice with the large reflector. But it has a few weaknesses like no flash mode, having through off position, switch light is forever on.

So we wouldn't recommend this light but the two higher end Light and Go lights are more interesting.

Beam Pattern Photos:


Beam Pattern and side by side comparison page available here.


Value Rating:

3.75 out of 5 Stars



Overall Rating:

3 out of 5 Stars



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