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Lewis Trail Ride

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I think today was the last day to ride Lewis! BRUTAL!!! Awesome but brutal! They got six inches of new snow last night. Some places on the trail up too a foot of snow. A lot of hike a bike because of the ice. Creek crossing's are now "river" crossings. Wet feet are unavoidable :( At 29 degrees it cost me some pain!! Didn't know how long it would take, never been on the trail. The out and back which was about 18.9 miles took me around three hours. Any longer would've been riding in pitch dark. Not too bad with all the hike a bike though. The Giant Trance that i got from Fat Tire Farm in Portland wasnt bad. Rode pretty well. Really glad i didnt ship my new epic over, i would've beat the s#!t out of it. Overall, skys were clear, scenery was awesome and snow riding is never NOT fun! Minus a few toes :) Pics to come!
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haha those kind of rides are always the most memorable. Usually the rule of thumb, if there is more than 3 inches of snow, trade in the bike for ski's.
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