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Leviathan owners, Geo Q's

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Calling all Levi owners...

Devin's web site doesn't exactly have all the geo numbers on there.I have an email in to him, but I've heard he doesn't answer emails very fast.

Is the BB Drop really only 1.6" (40mm)? That seems a lot higher than all the other 29er frames I've seen. I like the idea of being down inbetween the 29er wheels more, and I wonder if the higher BB won't feel this way.

The STA says 72.5*, and if that's true I would be very happy. I don't want the steep STA's that other bikes seem to have.

HTA seems slack compaired to other bikes as well. Anybody have any issues or thoughts on this? I think I would run the bike with 100mm fork.

Any input?

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I wish the specs were more clear also. It's a high-end bike, customers will want to know exactly what they're buying, especially as more competing offers come to the market.

Keep in mind, that if you go from one frme to another with a difference STA, the required toptube+stem length reach also changes. One degree slacker in the STA has you require a half inch more in the top tube. Whatever your STA is after all, the adjustment range in seatposts and seat make that the seat will end up right where you want it anyway. Only after that does one (normally) pick a stem size.
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