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Levers for BB7

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hi guys, had just converted my vbrakes to avid bb7.
Am using shimano XTR BLm770 now formy bb7.
has anyone used this combo before>?
are these levers adjustable? (modulation?)
hope someone can share.


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Just like the speedial levers, only the adjustment is inside the lever on the blade itself. Seems less convenient.

Do you know what type of pivot mechanism the levers have (riveted with bushings or a sealed bearing or something else?)
I have Avid speed dial levers-replaced from my XT shifter/brake pods when I went with a new Sram X9 drivetrain. If those Shimmy levers have the same adjustability as the speed dials, your golden.

One other piece of advice, I run Power Cordz cables with my mech disc's. Absolutely no stretch, and awesome modulation. Those cables really make a huge difference over standard cables.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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