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I found this on ecmtb site I thought it was pretty funny

Dear John / Jane Letter for Cycling Season
Our newest columnist Mike "Konarider" Phillips knows how to cover his bases! Be sure to use his letter whenever necessary.

With cycling season getting into full swing I thought I'd help my fellow cyclist by providing a letter you can just fill in the blanks and hand off to your partner/spouse/significant other etc to save some time from constantly explaining where you are and what you're doing... hope it's helpful.

- Konarider

Dear John / Jane Letter for Cycling Season
By Konarider
Feel free to modify it as is necessary to fit your personal situation.

Dear _________, Fill in name of partner / spouse / significant other

I am writing this to let you know that cycling season is now here and I will be busy every weekend until early September. I will not be able to attend the ______________ *(family reunion, wedding etc.) dated ________________ (date of event you are missing.)

I promise to keep the cell phone on when I'm in the woods in case you need to reach me. I will let you know the approximate area I will be riding / building, and I will call you as soon as I'm done and heading home. If you call and I don't answer I promise to call you as soon as I have a good signal and / or can find where I put the phone. I may be in the a shed / garage / workshop watching biking videos and / or maintaining my bicycles if the weather is bad or I'm injured.

I will still __________________________ (enter any other chores you may have to do here) and have supper with you as often as possible (BBQ of course!) After supper I will be gone until dark, or until my lights run out of power.

I am doing this for us. I want to be in the best possible health so that I can be around as long as I can. I also realize you need your space and time to spend with _____________ (your sister, mother, brother and or other loved ones) as I have monopolized your time during the last few months. This will only strengthen our relationship.

Spending the winter months with you has been wonderful and I hope to be able to spend some evenings during the week as well as the odd weekend with you during the summer.

Yours Truly,

__________ (sign name)

There may be multiple events you will be missing. Be sure to list all of them or you will have to attend them and miss a cycling event!
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