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David Letterman was so happy NBC screwed up the late night comedy line up, he sent this to me. I won't say that I had anything to do with hacking the Nielson ratings.

10. COMBA is the ONLY organization representing mountain biker's best interests with regard to JeffCo Open Space trails. Remember, we fought and continue to oppose the new Apex closures (others did not).

9. We build and maintain some incredible trails! Check out the new Homestead re-route in Buffalo Creek and the super awesome gnarly black diamond rocky technical stuff we're in the middle of there as well. We are the adopted supporters of the Colorado Trail - Section 1. We also help out at mini crew days on JCOS trails.

8. COMBA is working on the final preparations for a bike park in the City of Golden.

7. COMBA helps bring you "Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day" along with partnering with Trips for Kids.

6. COMBA is one of the first IMBA chapters. That means you get two mountain bike association memberships for the price of one and help to support national lobbying efforts for mountain biking.

5. Great social rides and it's only going to get better.

4. You may get to take Nancy home. She'll/He'll be yours forever. You can keep her/him in a closet if you want, but we are sure you'll want to show her/him off and ride her/him all over town.* Raffle tickets will be available up until the drawing.
*Please not that Nancy could be considered a guy, as in Nancy Boy. We want to be fair to the ladies and calling her/him a her just wouldn't be fair. Then again, if you win her/him, you can certainly call it by any gender that suits your needs. We're not particular.

3. Meet the new COMBA Board of Directors. They are really cool people. I mean they are so cool Chuck Norris bows his head in shame.


1. FREE BEER from Golden City Brewery!

Really! We need you. An organization is nothing without the support of it's members. I can assure you that the commitment from this BoD is to make it a banner year for COMBA and mountain biking. They'll be some sweat and effort, but there are going to be some incredible events planned that you will not want to miss. WE NEED YOU.

Please join the 2010 Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) Board of Directors for an early start to the 2010 Front Range mountain bike season at COMBA's 2010 Annual Meeting on Thursday, January 21st, at 7:00 p.m. at the American Mountaineering Center, 710 10th St., Golden, CO 80401.
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