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Let's see, if I was still single...

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... and had some money to burn, I'd actually do this:

I've always wanted to visit that continent.
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I saw the ad for that earlier; while I'd rather go to New Zealand if I'm going to go overseas, I could be convinced to settle for southern Africa. I am single and have plenty of time on my hands and a if any one wants to fund my trip, I'd be glad to let you live vicariously through me (and I'd be happy to post a blog/pics daily if necessary). :D

I checked airfare on expedia for travel the way I'm accustomed to for such long trips (business class) would cost somewhere between $5500-8500, but coach could be had for $1400 (San Francisco/Capetown round trip). Don't know what the deal on cost for my bike would be, though. Even going coach, plus the $3000 for the tour, and some undoubted incidentals...ouch! I'd rather ride locally until I hit the lottery....
Level 3 on the ability:

"You feel comfortable climbing for hours and to ride for 6+ hours a day for over 5 consecutive days with some technical hike a bike sections."

Holy crap!
>Day 9....."our guides carry rifles and you dodge elephant poop"

and I thought we had problems here dodging horse and cattle crap....
I gotta bookmark this. I wanted to check out Botswana but paying $750 a night to see Africa from the back of a Jeep with a bunch of other tourists is not my idea of fun. The problem is Africa is not exactly conducive to self exploration. They don't have a Best Western and there is a lot of crap that can kill you. You kind need a guide.
...The problem is Africa is not exactly conducive to self exploration....

I spent a month traveling in West Africa by myself. Its great fun, the people are extremely polite, interested in foreigners (not neccesarrily only about your money). I would recommend it to anyone who is adventorous and can exercise common sense.
Okay, Kenya may not be in South Africa or Botswana, but elephants are elephants and I wouldn't want to be riding my bike by them.
Bikinfoolferlife said:
I saw the ad for that earlier; while I'd rather go to New Zealand
or South America. there used to be a couple guys from these boards who used to go every year to SA and ride down the Andes. it always looked like a total blast.
thats crazy! 12,000 km and one guy had never cycled...i wondered if he finished
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