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Got the new rig dialed and took it out for a 3 hour shakedown this am. LenzSport Behemoth frame, with 125mm travel courtesy of a Rock Shox MC 3.3 damper. Rock Shox Lyrik Solo Air fork, 160mm travel. LenzSport Mondo hub, allowing use of a 29" TA wheel in the 26" fork. Some SRAM and Shimano bits, as well as a set of proto Hayes DH brakes to round out the package.

First ride bugs notwithstanding, it was a great ride. My legs need a refresher on pedaling a 34lb slack-angled bike up steep, loose, sustained climbs, but the payback was so damn fun that I don't think I'll mind re-learning. Effective seat angle was a bit slack, but I've already slid the saddle forward ~13mm for tomorrow's ride.

Hope to get some ride shots this week. Will post pics and more thoughts once I've gotten a few dozen hours on it.



1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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