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What do you all think its worth assuming in good shape? I am not familiar with Lenz Sport. Looks like a 2008 Revelation. Found it in classifieds, this is the information I have thinking of checking it out.

Anyone have any input on Lenz Sport in general?

Concentrak Suspension w/Float Fox Racing Shock
Black Manitou Fork 80mm Travel

Easton Carbon Monkey Lite Bars
Easton Carbon CT2 SeatPost

Dura Ace XTR Brakes and Derailleurs
Prodigy xc Race Face Crankset 22/32/44

Mavic Cross ROC UST Tubeless wheels
Ritchey Zmax Tubeless Tires
Freewheel 11/32

It's about showing up.
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We owned one with a Rohloff hub and Marta's. My son raced it two years ago and hit the podium with it. He had a lot of fun on the bike. However it was a bit small for him and he grew quickly.

We were sponsored to the wheels and the hub. We returned those to the sponsor and transferred all the parts to his next bike. We sold the frame on eBay. It was a tough sell and we didn't do very well. For as nice as these frames are I think the market for them is very specialized.

That said, however, had the bike been larger and fit my son we might never have sold it. FWIW he now races a Yeti Arc XTR which is lighter and more effective for the courses he rides.
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