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In cog? Neato!
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I can't remember.
I raced the Lemurian 20 years ago... it was a 30 mile race back then.
Broke the head off my seatpost 9 miles in.
Spent the next 21 miles standing up.
Before the race started I'd hoped for a good finishing time but...
by the time I crossed the line, I was just happy to finish at all.
Best of luck. Don't break your seatpost.

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We have been getting a lot of rain so far. Swasey drains pretty well due to most the actual soil leaving post carr fire. So expect rocky, wet conditions. You will see bikes ranging from xc hardtails to 150mm enduro sleds. Fun and challenging courses this year. Im signed up for the novice/short course. Im riding a 27.5 stumpy. The chainless dh is a cool event. You will have to hop off and run/push in areas. It’s a fun time, be sure to come back in the spring after trail work has everything running nice and smooth. The trails are pretty tore up right now, not much to be done as we have been waiting for some rain!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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