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I am not the biggest Lance fan, but Lemond is right focker IMHO. Furthermore, isn't lemond part of Trek et al? I am surprised he hasn't been told to shut up!! I am surprised this guy continually moans and complains and makes accusations. I wouldn't be surprised if he took drugs and won the tour? Well why not? If Lance "must" then he must have too...

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johnnyb said:
We get to hear some more whining from this guy...
He's overweight, old, and bitter.

The complaints he issues on Armstrong do nothing but make everyone look bad. I agree with the comments that Trek should drop his company or tell him to shut his mouth. The more races American teams/riders win the better the sport of cycling looks in the USA.

Now Lemond is whining and that will put cycling back in the dark ages of they're all dopers blah blah blah. You would think that all the time and energy he devoted to the sport, he would like to see it grow and do well.

Just my 2 cents from high atop the soap box.

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You get what you pay for

I bought a few of these jerseys from an internet sale awhile back. Just noticed why they were so cheap. :rolleyes:


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Gregg should shut up and eat another sandwich....

As much of a "flash in the pan" as Greg was, compared to Lance, I would think there would be more questions about his "legitimacy" than Armstrong's.

Not that Greg wasn't a great athlete, but he went from obscurity to Tour Champ in a relatively short time. I wonder if performance enhancing drugs had anything to do with that quick change?? Even before setting foot in Europe, as a young boy in Texas, people were expecting great things from Lance. Hell, he was a professional triathlete before becoming a dedicated cyclist.

Just because he might visit a doctor that has a history of offering illegal performance enhancers does NOT automatically make him guilty of using said enhancers. If I were penalized on the actions of the guys and gals I ride with...LOL...I'd be in a heap of trouble. LeMond should be one of Lance's staunchest supporters...not his worst critic. Poo on him.

Oh...and to MUM....Hi!!!!!
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