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Legislative OverKILL

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How would something like this be practical statewide??

New York Bike Law Could Mean Mandatory Licenses and Insurance For the Whole State

This afternoon, Gothamist points us to a proposal by assemblyman Michael DenDekker, a Democrat from Queens, which would require by law that every bicycle -- not just in New York City, but in New York state -- have a license plate, to be re-registered every year only after an inspection of the bike. A second bill, also in the works, would make it so every rider must be insured and carry identification.

Read the rest of the article - Its surely a half baked idea to think a 4 year old needs to be supplimentally insured on their 12" bike
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great- just another way for states to take money from us-
Absolutely ridiculous isn't it. Buffalo area news is reporting that it would be for people 18 yrs and older so that the kids are spared. Either way, its an a**hole proposal.
The registration doesn't seem to address any problem or to start paying for a previously 'free' service provided by the state. Just another money grab by state legislators to make up for years of poor financial decisions.

What's next? Tags for shoes?
Supposedly it's not a play to make more money, which I actually kind of buy, as the state would likely only make $1-3 million which really isn't that much in the grand scheme of things. NPR reported that this proposal was spurned on by "Rogue Cyclists" in NYC and that the license plates were to help authorities track said cyclists down and bring them to "justice."

The funny thing is:

My wife was hit-n-run by a motorist in Amherst (Buffalo suburb) this summer while riding her bike. The license on the car didn't help much... authorities never found the guilty driver.
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