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Legend headset?

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Does anyone know if the geometry specs on the Banshee website for the Legend are with a zero stack headset or a traditional headset? What are you Legend owners running for headsets?
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i'm running a zero stack headset.. cane creeks. i run zero stack on all my bikes with a 1.5. I want to say the geo on the site is with zero stacks but i'm not sure.. Keith?
Also zero stack here - sunline (modified so it doesnt come loose every 5 mins).
Cane Creek XXC Flush II

Everything else tries to compare and fails.
I'm using an internal FSA Orbit Z 1.5R. It's almost zero stack and it's giving me a head angle of 63.5 degrees (static) with Fox DH 40 RC2s.

You also get a super low cockpit if you run a direct mount stem and flat bars!
I have some sort of really heavy Syncros zero stack headset on the way. It' all that the suppliers had this time of year, so I was told. It'll be temporary until the Cane Creek one is available.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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