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Lefty Rip-Off, or something better?

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Elzippo said:
No Idea about production or availability, but I saw them at Interbike a few years back, felt nice, and like all of USEs' stuff, it was nicely made. Gotta be more different than Lefty different? This is the ticket=:)
Wonder if they could knock a $100 off the price by NOT including the hand made wooden box...

It looks nice though!
Looks like it's a cedar box.
It should come with a few Honduras or Cubanos for that price no?
One big difference

Back when I was considering the move to "one is all you need", I looked at the SUB as well as the Lefty. I had no desire to own a CDale frame, so the SUB had the advantage of no adaptation needed, but the real kicker is the anti-dive geometry. When you hit the front brake, it generates a force that basically tries to extend the suspension - adds to the spring force. I got to ride an older BMW m/c once upon a time that had a similar system (Earles leading link fork) - it worked fine in easy use on the street, but if you hit the brakes hard the front would actually rise up! Don't know if the SUB is that bad, but you would have to get used to it stiffening up under braking. YMMV
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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