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Lefty PBR 29er - Elastomer?

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Hello. Others, Captain Pabst mostly, have spoken of reducing the travel on their 130mm Lefty PBR forks using the standard DLR spacers and an elastomer. Can someone please speak to the specifics of this "elastomer" as that really is a vague word meaning "a polymer with elastic properties."

Someone, somewhere take a picture of these so called elastomers so that we can all benefit.

I have reduced the travel of DLR2's, SL's, Max SVP's, and a Lefty RLC (the only one converted to my knowledge, as many still claim that it cannot be done - 1 year and going strong). I am now up for trying a PBR fork.

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i just found a fork elastomer in a drawer at the shop, cut it to 80mm. its close to the same diameter as the air chamber. it reduces the volume of the airspring. and more tuneable then the dogbone that cannondale uses.
Thanks for responding, Captain. In this picture, where does the said elastomer fit? The picture is from Cannondale's manual for the PBR. Also, do you remove the the "dogbone" from Cannondale?

Also, if I wanted to order the elastomer to cut to 80mm, can you provide a specific part that I could reference? I searched on BTI and QBP for elastomer related to a fork, but no such luck. Perhaps something like this could CC Thudbuster elastomer could work:

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check your PMs, I have a few Qs for you.

also, how does the lefty rlc feel with the reduced travel???
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