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Hello all,
Did some maintenance on my (Lefty Max 140) fork a few days ago, had to replace the boot, overall clean-up and regrease bearings, and replaced brake pads. Also added some spacers on the caliper mount to get rid of some rub.
So I remount the front wheel, tighten up to normal torque (estimated, I have no wrench that goes that low) and bounced the bike a bit to check things. I noticed a tiny "knock" bouncing the front up and down. Upon further inspection, it is my wheel loose - if I grab the fork in one hand (near the clamps) and the wheel in the other (at the top) and push/pull, there is a tiny bit of play. This wasn't there before, I tried uninstalling / reinstalling a few times but it's still there. I'm afraid to tighten any more - it is definitely snug.
I can't see anything out of the ordinary in the hub. Everything is clean. I did have the fork off to do the maintenance but I didn't drop it on the floor or anything. Always had it on the workbench, or if on the floor, the spindle was resting on a thick layer of rags. So I don't think I damaged anything during the maintenance.
Any ideas?
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