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Hi All,
I like to track my training during the summer season.. Has anyone figured out how to mount a computer to your lefty fork?? My LBS tells me they do not have a computer that will reach the back wheel....I have heard about putting it on the brake disc but that seems odd..
Pics would be great too!
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I have a Cateye Strada wireless. I was able to mount the remote sensor on the bottom of the fork and then clamp the magnet right on the brake disc. I tried the Lefty computer mount that Cannondale sells. It offsets the sensor so that you can mount the magnet on the spokes. It's pretty bulky and I didn't like it. I will try and take a picture of my set up.

You can purchase the lefty mount by Cannondale. Your LBS or Ebay should have them...
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Lots of info here.

Appears at the top of the Cannondale page in the sticky titled
Sticky: *****Read this first***** Hot Topics/ FAQS and SCAMS
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