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I'm a "she".
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These are the only pair that fit my unique mudworm face and do not give me a headache whenever I wear them for a prolonged period. I left them in the Downieville Restroom at the Visitor Center today (Sunday) afternoon. :madman:

If I remember right (but I could be wrong), another mountain biker pulled up and went in after me. To that mountain biker: You were on a black Cannondale Lefty. At that time, I was sitting on a bench in front of the restroom completely pre-occupied with watching the bridge where my husband was supposed to wave at me once he managed to hitch a ride back to Sierra City to get our car back. That way I would know when to order a pizza so it could be ready when he got back. I thought to myself it would be rude to chat with somebody while my eyes were fixated on another object, so I didn't say anything. I was sitting there for 40 minutes. Many people went in and left, but I didn't pay attention.

Can you please contact me if you happen to have picked up those sunglasses? I'd like to offer a reward for it.
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