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Left my road wheel...

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in the upper parking lot of the Mt.Charleston Hotel today around 3-3:30.
Did anyone see it? Pick it up? Have it?
The white van with shuttle guys was headed up Kyle Canyon as I was headed down and would have passed the hotel parking lot just after I left it.
Please...anyone?...I'm so depressed.
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Did you call the hotel, maybe someone found it and/or took it in there?

went back up there, checked the bushes, backs of trucks, talked to everyone in the parking lot that didn't run away, stopped at the Kyle visitor center, the cop stop and back at the hotel where I left my name and number. Zip-tied a note to a parking spot railroad tie where I had been parked.
Are you pre or post South America?

I've made up my mind on the getting a hitch rack for my next car....the wheel and bike stay together, I'll just have to remember to bring the helmet, shoes and "cotton" ;)

Dude, that sucks!

Matt :eek:ut:


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still pre-South America...

which makes it suck even more and what sucks even more than that is that the Titanium has to go back to Litespeed for Warranty; a crack has developed in the weld between the downtube/seattube/BB shell.
I'm having the blue bike shipped back from IN so I have a bike to ride in South America.
Firstly, it's just stupidly my fault for leaving the wheel, but on the other hand what use does someone have for ONE WHEEL!?
I'm still hoping the phone will ring.
Kelley is in Seattle this weekend to run a half and I'm off next Sunday for my little jaunt.
That sucks! I've done the same thing with a MTB wheel but it was in the bushes when I went back. Hopefully someone gets it back to you.
Sounds like you did all you possibly could. Maybe someone will call?
Any new news?

Matt :eek:ut:
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