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I rode Monday, and I know for certain I still had my camera after the ride, (as I took some photos of us post-ride..) and a very thorough check through my car, camelback, and all my buddies gear and we can't find it... So I'm assuming I left it on my bumper, or on top of the car, or something stupid like that.

It is a Cannon and has a very unique strap, which I can identify to you simply to prove it's mine

It is not a super new camera but I took a bunch of great photos, I'll send you some money for it... :)

Also, I'm a long time reader (1998) and user of MTBR, and this is my first post. Love the site and love the reviews. If anyone has any ideas on another good place to reach Annadel riders, I would post the same message there.
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