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Led failure after soldering.

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I resoldered a wire on a led to build another light and moments after I soldered it the dome fell off the top of the led.

Is it from too much heat? Or can they only be soldered once?

First time I soldered it a few months back I took much longer to do it and it would have been hotter.
This time only took a few seconds.

Is the led now a throw away?
It looks like the dome is not clear any longer; it's now opaque, so I guess that defines it.:eekster:
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too much heat. dome popped off? led is trashed
They are still useable with the dome off provided you didn't damage any of the micro sized wires that are inside the dome. I don't know how long they last after the dome is removed, I have one here that is still going several months after de-doming.
If it's already wired up, give it a try. I built a triple a couple months ago and managed to knock 2 domes off (twisted the Ledil cute-3 optic and sheared them off). It seems to work fine, although it hasn't been tested for more than a few minutes.

I think I read here somewhere that some of the DIY torch guys on the CPF forums do this intentionally to tighten the hotspot? (I have not attempted a search to confirm this)

I've learned by trial and (mostly) error that a hotter iron used very briefly is better than poking around with a lower temp, waiting for the solder to melt. And of course pre-solder both parts so just a quick touch with the iron bonds them. And a good tip that Troutie mentioned a long time ago: if the LEDs are already mounted to your aluminum slug/housing, heat the whole thing up with a hair dryer first and the soldering will go much easier.

I replied to this already and it said sent; don't know where it got to.

Thanks for the replies. I'll hang on and use it for something as it still works at the moment.
Just wasn't sure what the short term end result would be.

If that didn't p1ss me off I dropped the only 12v battery holder I had while testing the new XPG triple bits and broke the farker. :) Made my day. :mad:

I built a slightly different version of my 1st light which was 2 x leds in 25mm alum pipe with a 350mA boost puck, 1 x 5 + 1 x 10 degree optics.
It was a decent helmet light and could be powered by 3 x AA or 6 (3S2P).

Now it's in a 54 x 23 alum case with a 1000mA buck, 3 way switch (off, low, high) and will have 11.1v (3 Li-Ions) but it doesn't produce any more light.

I think the boost driver in that case did a great job. I'll rebuild it as a small helmet light or use it for road riding.
It looks like a way to have a light weight, cheap, easy to build light.
No heatsink required, light head weighed 60 gms + mount 20 gms.
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