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Today I start my 45th year on this rock
I missed MLK Day while in Australia, so today I took it

My wife wasn't feeling a ride today
She insisted I go anyway
Best present I've received in a long time
She knows

I didn't get up early
Or rush out the door
I drank my coffee

I ate my cereal
And left when I was ready

My bike and I arrived just in time
We spent the next 3 hours leaving good tracks

As the maker of first tracks,
I think that is your obligation,
To leave good tracks

When I see other people's tracks in the snow
Which I didn't today

I always follow the lines they take
And imagine the people and the bikes that made them

I hope when someone sees my tracks
They are entertained

Or confused

Or impressed

Because I was when I made them

We all walk sometime

And we fall

If we don't then I don't think
You can really say you're riding

I encourage you to leave good tracks when you ride
Even if no one can see them

Except you

well mannered lout
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Happy birthday John. Put down a few of my own this morning. First tracks in the snow, first tracks on a brand new trail, all very cool.
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Nice Post.

Last week marked my 43 year on the big blue ball - but no ride to celebrate.

I put the studs on in mid-Janurary and got one good snow/ice ride then the big-thaw came. I'm hoping we get back to winter soon...
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